Sean Bones will be releasing a new record in 2016 with his new band, Terribly Yours.

Here’s the deal: “After I finished touring Buzzards Boy I had a kid, stayed home more and wrote a lot of music. Instead of taking the new songs to a studio with a group of musicians, I recorded them in my basement, when I could, between naps and nappies. The sound and process were different enough that I decided the next record would be something other than Sean Bones.

The first single “Answered Prayers” came out last Summer accompanied by a video shot in shopping malls around Manhattan. “Answered Prayers” was one of the first recordings to inspire working in a new direction, so it’s a fitting introduction. The single and video got noticed by Noisey Music who praised the song’s “sick bassline” and guerilla style video production. Everyone’s bangs styled by me in this photo:

Follow up singles “No Genius” and “Barbara,” followed in January and February of 2016. An official video for “No Genius” directed by Lance Edmands was featured on Vimeo’s music page as well as Brooklyn Vegan. It’s a must see for the zoom freaks, nature creeps and new wavers alike.

“Sean Bones” the musical entity is not gone forever but for now I’ll be hollering as Terribly Yours. It’s a great project and I think you’ll recognize some of the moves.

This is just the beginning – there will be more tracks posted through the winter and an album slated for this Summer. For info on future Terribly Yours releases and live dates, please follow along on TY’s Facebook page, Bandcamp or purchase tracks on iTunes.

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