Buzzards Boy is an artifact of an evolving artist transcending a varied stylistic past
to reveal himself as an intriguing songwriter capable of truth and sonic spells.

On Buzzards Boy, Sean and his bandmates hooked up with a producer for the first
Stoneback was sought out for his uncanny recording methods (oil cans, toys amps) and his
enthusiasm for the demos he was absorbing between his other name-brand projects (Cults,
Sleigh Bells, Vampire Weekend). The sessions were brief and at some point during the week
Bones resolved to taking on the rest of the project alone. Traveling between rehearsal spaces,
bedrooms and eventually to the West Coast, he built an awesome second record from the
foundation laid through this partnership.











The island he’s trawling this time is darker and lusher. Tracks are swathed in reverb-laden surf
guitars and loose percussion. It’s easy to imagine hearing this album out doors, at night.
A full listen reveals a wide range of influences digested into something wholly Bones’ own.
“Tell Me Again”  is a folky harmonium piece played over what sounds like the Miami Sound Machine.
“Four Dub” explores open space and urgency. The sublime  “Black Gold” starts with a scruffy
hip hop beat until giving way to another one of those swoony boy-girl ballads that he’s good at.

At the heart of Buzzards Boy is a romantic young man, worried about the world and checking
himself for imagined damage. Somewhere in the storm came a renewed sense of purpose.
Fittingly, the exuberant lead single “Here Now” was written last. Backed by Fool’s Gold’s Garrett
Ray and Lewis Pesacov, the song brims with energy as an ecstatic Bones proclaims, “I’m here
now, hold it down!” Whether he’s here to remind himself or the rest of us does not matter – the
track is his most confident and inspiring to date.

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